5 Surprising Facts About Kendra Scott that Will Make You Love Her Even More

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“We make a choice to see the good in every day – in the mirror, in each other, and in our communities. When we see the good that’s possible, together, we can create it.” - Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott jewelry is known around the world for it’s beautiful, simple style and its surprisingly affordable prices. As one of the most successful and recognizable jewelry brands in the U.S. it can be easy to assume that Kendra Scott was an “overnight success”. Believe it or not, Kendra Scott almost didn’t make it early on. But Kendra’s fighting spirit and drive to make a difference in the world resulted in a thriving brand today.

Let’s look at some surprising facts about Kendra Scott that you may not know. You'll see just why you love her jewelry so much!

1. She started her jewelry company when she was broke and pregnant.

Kendra Scott actually started a company when she was 19 called Hat Box. That business didn’t fare too well and Kendra went back to work a “regular” job. While she was on maternity leave during her first pregnancy, she started making jewelry in her house. Her doctor put her on bed rest, so she decided to use the time toward her real passions: fashion and jewelry. Now, Kendra Scott is worth over $1 billion and is still growing. Starting her company with only $500 in the bank and no name recognition didn’t hold her back from following her dream. 

2. Kendra Scott loves to give back.

Kendra Scott gives back over $5 million a year to local and national causes, and their goal is to give even more every year. That’s why she started the Kendra Gives Back program. Here’s what her website says about it:

“Our Kendra Gives Back community-giving program allows community members to host in-store events for causes and organizations that work to improve health & wellness, education & entrepreneurship, and empowerment.”

The goal of the program is to support women and families in their own communities, helping them support causes that are near and dear to them. 

3. Growing her business was a struggle, and she always put everyone else first.

Kendra Scott started her company with no venture capital. That’s a huge feat for a company built around stylish jewelry. Kendra admits that it was a struggle, but her tenacity and passion for the company paid off. She even went without a salary at times in order to pay everyone else first. Even after the company was founded and reached some success, it almost went under during the financial crisis of 2009. But Kendra found ways to pivot and set herself up to succeed. Starting the company was a leap of faith, and that same passion is evident today. 

4. Her company is built on core values you’ll love.

Kendra Scott’s business is run on three core values: Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. Despite all the ups and downs, and now the thriving success, Kendra has stayed true to these values. In fact, when hiring new employees, the most important thing they look for is these same values in others. That is a huge reason why the company has grown such a loyal following over the years. 

5. Her company is 98% women.

Not many companies can boast a female-driven culture like Kendra Scott can. While they don’t only hire women, they do take their culture seriously. They understand their main goal is to help women look and feel beautiful, and the staff reflects that. They also treat their own employees like family, offering 100% paid parental leave, an in-house nail bar and fitness center, and paid philanthropy days. 

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See you soon!

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