How To Wear Loungewear In Public And Get Away With It

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Hello, beautiful! As quarantine restrictions are beginning to lift in some areas, more people are (safely) heading out. There are overachievers out there who have somehow stayed the same same size all these (annoying) months. And they are ready to throw on a little black dress and their highest heels and flit flawlessly back into the world. 

But there are also many of us who have become quarantine creatures. And instead of flitting flawlessly out of quarantine, we are more like crawling out of it. And that’s okay. 

But as we transition back into the real world (eventually), some of us might have become one with our loungewear. We don’t want to give it up yet. We (ahem) don’t fit into anything else anymore. But NO WORRIES! If you know a few sneaky tips for how to wear loungewear in public, you can still look put together, cute, and even chic. And totally get away with it. 

Here are 6 tips for how to wear loungewear in public and get away with it.

  1. Proper proportions and pieces
  2. Shoes are key
  3. Wear a neutral palette so everything goes together
  4. Prints, patterns, pops of color
  5. Add bling and accessorize, but no belts
  6. Don’t forget hair and makeup

1. Proper proportions and pieces

If you’re new to figuring out how to wear loungewear in public, a critical factor to consider is proportion. 

Wearing different pieces in the proper proportions will keep you looking fashionable instead of frumpy. A good rule of thumb is that if one part is flowy or bigger, make the other part tight or smaller. So if you want to wear your stretchy leggings, pair it with a bigger, looser fitting top, and vice versa.

Here are some good pieces to throw into the mix, pairing them with proper proportions in mind.


  • Graphic tees: Graphic tees are great because they are fun, expressive, comfy, and stylish. Get an oversized tee so it’s comfy around the house. But make it more figure-flattering by knotting it at the waist when going out. Other tees and lounge tops work here, too.
  • Crop tops: Crop tops are light, comfortable, and sexy. And, when paired with loose-fitting pants, it’s a great way to wear loungewear in public.
  • Kimonos: Kimonos are breezy and easy to wear. They can throw a pattern into the mix, and add a flowy layer over a tighter top and bottom combo.
  • Long-sleeve pullovers: Various fits of a standard long-sleeve pullover will pair well with proportionately-paired bottoms.
  • Hoodies: When proportionately paired and accessorized, even your favorite hoodie can be made stylish.

  • Bottoms

  • Leggings: Obviously, leggings. A few good pairs of quality leggings can be paired with almost anything and look stylish.
  • Joggers: I mean these are basically sweatpants. But when you call them “joggers”, it’s like a sneaky style mind trick to wear loungewear in public. And we are here for that. Pair them with a cute and comfy crop top and the right shoes, and you’re good to go. 
  • Wide-leg pants: Wide-leg pants are awesome. They can easily pass for pajama bottoms or an actual outfit piece depending on how you style them.
  • Biker shorts: Biker shorts are like summer leggings. If leggings are too hot for you but you crave the stretchy fabric, pair some biker shorts with a big, loose-fitting top. You will look hot, but feel cool.
  • One-pieces

  • T-shirt dresses: T-shirt dresses are great because they are super-cute, super-comfy, and super-(ahem)forgiving when properly styled. And no pants required.
  • Jumpsuits/rompers: Rompers are just short jumpsuits, and jumpsuits are just out-door onesies. You’re welcome.

  • 2. Shoes are key

    Slippers make the whole outfit pajamas. The right sneakers or chunky heels make the same outfit fashion. Your shoes are the key to how to wear loungewear in public.

    If you are going for sleek and chic, stay away from any shoe that feels too comfortable or casual. Statement shoes like textured high heels or gladiator pumps will let you wear that loungewear out to paint the town red.

    But who are we kidding? No one wants to wear high heels right now. But you can still wear your loungewear in public and keep it looking stylish with low chunky heels, flats, and comfortable strappy sandals. Even the right sneakers can elevate your loungewear into a casual going-out outfit.

    3. Wear a neutral palette so everything goes together

    An easy tip for how to wear loungewear in public is to make sure your pieces are all within a neutral palette. You won’t even have to think about your outfit matching, because everything naturally will anyways. This is a great way to keep your outfits AND your mind lounging, and no one will even notice.

    Another perk to keeping all your pieces within the same color palette is that laundry becomes a cinch!

    4. Prints, patterns, pops of color

    If you’re feeling a little daring, you can even wear loungewear in public and mix it up a little. Don’t be afraid of patterns, prints, and pops of color. When worn together to match or paired with a solid, it will make your loungewear look less dull.

    This is a great time to bring out that kimono with the catchy pattern and throw it over neutral tones. Or a big, comfy, brightly colored sweater or sweatshirt paired with black leggings and low chunky heels.

    5. Add bling and accessorize, but no belts

    Still don’t feel dressed up enough to go outside? Another trick for how to wear loungewear in public is to throw on some unexpected accessories.

    Pair a plain sweatshirt with a sparkly set of earrings to elevate the look. Or layer on a chunky bracelet or a big rhinestone necklace to dress it up.

    An unexpectedly chic cross-body bag or clutch is also a great way to update your loungewear for the public without sacrificing comfort.

    Wearing a hoodie? Throw on a simple leather jacket over the top to add sharper lines to the look.

    If you want to accentuate your waist don’t use a belt. Good belts are expensive and uncomfortable, and wearing your loungewear in public is all about comfort. If your top is loose-fitting, just add a layer like a vest to cinch at the waist a little. This can make your outfit look more tailored and less sloppy, but still keep you feeling like you just rolled off the couch. And you probably just did.

    6. Don’t forget hair and makeup

    If you want to wear loungewear in public and make it look effortless, don’t skimp on the hair and makeup. It shouldn’t take much, just a little manicuring. If your hair and makeup look put together, your entire outfit will look more put together, too.

    But who are we kidding? Makeup can be tedious. A clever messy bun, sunglasses, and that facemask worn for safety anyways does the trick these days. And makes this part super easy.

    Hopefully, these tips for how to wear loungewear in public will have you rolling off the couch and back into the world with a smoother transition. Or maybe trick your boss into thinking you dressed up for work over Zoom today. And isn’t mixing business with leisure what that work-from-home lifestyle is all about?

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