Why You Need a Save the Girls Bag

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If you haven’t heard of the save the Girls Bag, you’re in luck! And you’re about to be surprised! The Save the Girls bag is a revolutionary purse/phone case combo that everyone is falling in love with. In fact, not only does it make a great purse, it can keep your phone cleaner, safer, and easier to manage during your busy day. Let’s look at exactly why you’ll love this bag and why it’s a must-have for your everyday use!

Stay sanitary

It's important to practice personal hygiene to the best of your ability. A Save the Girl's bag does this by protecting your phone from germs and bacteria. Many times, we downplay the need to clean and disinfect our phones. However, thousands of germs are constantly growing on our phones. Ignoring these health implications can make you catch something you do not want. Don't risk it. Using a screen protector like those found on Save the Girls Bag is best to keep you from spreading germs on your phone. You can also routinely wipe down the screen protector on the handbag as well, giving you further sanitation on all your items. Not only is your phone being protected from direct contact with surfaces, but your handbag can also be easily cleaned.

Ease of carrying

A Save the Girls Bag Is perfect for those who need to be on the go and their purse has to be lightweight. Instead of sticking your phone in your back pocket or putting it in your bra, just keep it with your purse. That way, your devices, money, and information are all in one place. Carrying a Save the Girls Bag is easy and lightweight. If you're going on long walks or going to be making the rounds running errands this handbag isn’t going to slow you down.

Different styles and colors

Many people who buy a Save the Girls Bag are looking for a small form factor, yet plenty of storage space for their credit cards, money, and identification. Except, why should you have to sacrifice style and a sense of personality? Choosing a Save the Girls Bag gives you the best of both worlds. Choose a simple purse like the Classic Elegance, which is small and lightweight. If you need extra storage try the Colorado Bag, which boosts extra slots and pockets for storing glasses and trinkets. Save the Girls Bags also come in simple styles and simple colors that will go with any outfit. Your purse will stand out, but it’s not going to be overly flashy. You will also have multiple options for leather and materials. You can still have a bit of a personal touch if you like.


If you are buying the latest and greatest iPhones or other smartphones you are likely spending hundreds of dollars on a cell phone. Don't let that new phone be damaged by some random act. Not only does a Save the Girls bag come with a built in phone case to protect from bumps and scrapes, but it will protect your phone from falls and other accidents. Rest assured, your phone is going to be much more protected if it has a purse to block the impact. It’s always better to be careful than sorry.

Have a purse specifically designed for phone use

While It may seem like a no-brainer, having a purse designed for phone use is miles and leaps better than the competition. Save the Girls Bags are tested for everyday use and made with productivity in mind. Using a Save the Girls Bag is going to make your phone safer, and keep it cleaner. A knockoff isn’t going to do the trick against quality materials and efficient product design. 

Thinking about buying a Save the Girls Bag? Don’t wait! Hello Beautiful Boutique is ready with the latest designs and style. Contact us today to make the purchase that’s right for you.

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