How to Choose The Right Kendra Scott Necklace

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Buying a Kendra Scott Necklace is exciting and can seem simple, but they’re a couple of things to consider before purchasing. Mainly, you need to make sure you're making the right choice for your neck, shoulders, and chest. After all, you don't want to buy a new necklace only for it to not match your style. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your next Kendra Scott Necklace. 

Consider the occasion you are dressing for

When it comes to picking a Kendra Scott Necklace you need to know the occasion. Is this just your average daytime clothes you plan to wear with this necklace, or is it for a formal dinner party? Knowing the type of people and situations you will be in is helpful for deciding that perfect Kendra Scott Necklace. Do you need a necklace that will go with almost any wardrobe or a specific necklace you only wear twice a year? A choker is fine for going shopping, but it's probably going to be out of place at a dinner party. Keep It simple during the day and elaborate at night. Choosing what to wear is only half the battle.

Understand what materials work for you 

Silver may not go with every outfit and neither will gold. Certain metals may also look different on certain skin tones. Oftentimes, people find that bright colors or muted colors work best with both their clothes and skin tone. You may find that you need an Aiden Necklace for a classy family get-together while an Alex Pendant, with its bright color, does wonders to show off your collarbone and chest. In either case, make sure when buying a Kendra Scott Necklace you know that it will match your skin tone. 

Size your neck

A lot of what will determine what type of necklace you buy is the size and shape of your neck and collarbone. If you have a wide neck, a choker is not necessarily going to fit your body type. A wide chain may be more effective at accentuating your features. When measuring for chokers, add an extra two inches around the neck. When measuring for a longer chain add four extra inches. WikiHow also adds:

“Short chains, like collars and chokers, look most flattering on those who have long, slender necks. They look less flattering on short or wide necks. If you have a short neck, you can make your neck look longer by choosing a chain that measures between 20 and 24 inches (50 and 60 cm) in length. If your neck is an average length and width, then you can probably wear any length of necklace successfully.”

Don’t forget that style is a matter of taste, personality, and body type. What works best for you may not work for someone else. Although these are good general guidelines, you don’t always have to follow them if you find the right look. Kendra Scott Necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You have a lot of choices when finding something that is right for you! 

How does it match your clothing

One final note about Kendra Scott Necklaces: like with all necklaces, you want to make sure it matches your clothing. Wearing silver with black can look good and wearing gold with lighter colors can work well. Take stock of which colors clash and which work well together.

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