4 Must-Have Items for any Scripture Bag

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If you're in the market for a scripture bag, there are four essentials that you must have: a scripture journal, coffee & coffee cup, writing pens, and a coin purse. These items will help you stay on course and make your scripture reading experience even better. Here’s How: 

Scripture Journal

A scripture journal, also known as a bible journal, can be very helpful for keeping your thoughts collected and help reduce stress. Most people like to track their progress and spiritual growth. It's important to find a scripture bag that has a bible journal because it can help you read daily and enjoy studying the bible much more. Not only that, but it can be a great way to characterize your thoughts and emotions. You become interactive with the text and it's easier to remember when you make notes and suggestions about how you feel about scripture. Don't choose a scripture bag that doesn't have this essential item. It's also a perfect gift for Mother's Day

Coffee & Coffee Cup

Another must-have for the perfect scripture bag is coffee and a coffee cup. Why? Because most people like to do their daily devotions in the morning. Having a cup of coffee is only going to make you more alert and ready to receive the Word (or at least wake you up enough to read what’s in front of you). You can spice it up, though, by adding tea or other hot drinks to start your morning off. Why not start your morning off right with a fresh cup of joe and some introspective thinking.

Writing Pens

Listen, a good writing pen can make journaling more fun and reading better. Having a creative pen and journal that is especially for writing can help you get into a rhythm. When you pick up that specific pen and paper, it can train your brain to start automatically writing (over time). Also, why not have it express your personality? You’re going to be using it a lot so why not have it customized to you. To make it work even better for you, Find a specific spot in which you can read and write. After a couple of weeks of doing this every day, it will start to train your brain to both read and write easier and more effectively. It instills a habit and becomes easier to stay on track. Find a scripture bag that has the right pin for you. 

Pen or Coin Purse

Having a pain or coin purse can be vital when journaling on the go. Any scripture bag should make your life more functional and easier to manage. Don't settle for one that won't help you be your best at all times. Also, having a memento that you can carry around all day will help remind you to stay on course with your scripture journaling. It's those simple small things that can help you turn a habit into reality. In addition, you can pair it with a makeup junkie bag to save room in your purse for other items. While not necessary for everybody, a scripture bag that has this is a game-changer in our opinion. 

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