How to Build a Gift Basket (FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST)

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How to Build a Gift Basket (FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST)

When it comes to gift giving, many are at a loss for what to give. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves for finding the exact right thing. Many resort to gift cards. Though the gift of shopping is nice, it is not very exciting to open. From young children to adult, gift baskets are loved by all. Gift baskets made with the person in mind are even more appreciated. But how do you make a fabulous one-of-a-kind gift basket? This article takes you through the steps of how to build a gift basket. 

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Find a basket
  3. Build your base
  4. Choose items of various sizes and textures
  5. Wrap with cellophane (or don’t)
  6. Add a gift tag

Pick a theme for your gift basket

When choosing a gift for anyone, you try to appeal to what they enjoy. The same goes for gift baskets. When picking a theme for your gift basket, first consider the occasion. Is this for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, get-well-soon, appreciation or just because. Maybe you are building a basket for a PTO or another kind of auction and don’t know who the recipient will be. Here are some hints. For women, no matter the occasion, a luxury or spa theme is always a good idea. For families or children, try a movie night theme. If you are building a gift basket for a loved one, you already have a leg up, because you should know what they like. Some of the best baskets are all one color or holiday themes. For example, Easter baskets are “Easter” themed, filled with eggs, bunnies and candy. Hard to go wrong. So if you are making gifts for your bridesmaids, do a bachelorette party or wedding theme, or just tons of pink. Picking a theme will help you collect your items and your basket.

Find a basket

The size, shape and material of your basket will totally depend on what your theme is. Here are some “out of the basket” ideas.

  • A plastic or metal container for spa themed basket to create a clean, sleek look
  • Tote bags or purses for a fun, girly baskets
  • A shovel and pail for a kid-friendly beach theme

Tip: before you spend more money on the basket then all your items combined, check out the dollar stores for fun, inventive containers or baskets. Hobby Lobby also has many options and deals or the ever popular 40% off coupon.

Build your base

Whether using a standard basket or another type of container, you will want your items to show. If you just stick them in the basket, they will be hidden. Build a base out of tissue paper, Easter grass, or a fabric that coordinates with your theme. This adds stability, lifts your items for visibility and adds to the fullness of your basket.

Choose items of various sizes and textures

The great thing about gift baskets is that no one item has to steal the show. Of course you want the recipient to love everything, but you don’t have to include an iPad to make a splash. For instance, a basket for someone who loves to cook could include a spatula, a whisk, kitchen towels, oven mitts, a cookbook, and a cake mix. All of these items are inexpensive and useful. For the coffee lover, you can never have too many coffee mugs, ground or whole bean coffee samples, chocolate covered espresso beans, and something decorative with an “ode to coffee” written on it. Similarly, for a teacher appreciation gift basket, you could find a centerpiece, something that says “Best Teacher” and fill the rest of the basket with pencils, rulers and apples. For Administrative Professionals Day, a basket filled with their favorite pens and sticky notes, a gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant and some snacks they enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Make it fun!

One thing you will want to make sure of is collecting items that are different sizes and textures. Imagine the perfect Easter basket. It is not just filled with the same size Easter eggs. There is a beautiful plush bunny or lamb. Surrounding that is a tall chocolate bunny, shiny or decorated eggs filled with jelly beans and Robin eggs, and marshmallow peeps. The pastel grass fills the bottom and pops out all around this tiny garden of springtime.

Don’t overfill your basket. Crowding makes it hard to enjoy all the items individually. You may need to fasten smaller items with twist ties of glue dots so they don’t get lost in the basket.

Wrap with cellophane (or don’t)

Not all gift baskets need cellophane. It may be good to wrap your gift basket in cellophane if it will be traveling outdoors and has edible items. However, if you think it needs that finished look, go for it. And don’t forget a bow!

Add a gift tag

Your gift basket will be a huge hit at the baby shower or PTO auction. Make sure they know who made it. Buy a gift tag to tie on top or create one yourself out of card stock and twine. Make sure to include a little message like, “Made with love by…” or “Made especially for you by…” and your name.

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