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Mandatory doesn’t have to mean ugly.

In the season we are living in, where health and safety are on our minds 24/7, the new “norm” is wearing a mask. By now, you have probably read up on all the benefits of wearing a mask in public. You know all about how it not only helps protect you but others as well. But it doesn’t mean we all like to wear it. Especially in hot August weather. Bright, sunny, 100 degrees with 100-percent humidity. Doesn’t that just scream “I want to cover my face!” Maybe not! But safety and state-ordered mandates outweigh comfort. So instead of grumbling, why not sport a mask that makes you smile! 

At Hello Beautiful Boutique, we have masks for all occasions, personalities and styles. Feeling cute? We’ve got you covered! Beautiful butterflies, floral, tropical or even rhinestones covered masks are now in stock! Need some inspiration? Many of our masks have easy to read messages, like “Hope,” “Faith” or “Stronger than ever.” The second amendment mask is sure to bring out your national pride. And, the “God’s got this” camo mask says it all!

What about the rest of your family? We have masks for the men in your life. Options like camo, solid colors, and patriotic are all available. Sports lover? We’ll have you sporting Astros or Aggies’ masks.

With your kids going back to school, masks are mandatory for them as well. We have quite a few adorable children’s masks in kid’s sizes. Many of the popular prints available for the girls are unicorns, mermaids, pink camo, emojis, cheetah print, bunnies, pineapple and watermelons. For the boys we have dinosaurs, sharks, Paw Patrol, sports, pizza, cars, and Avengers. 

All of our masks are washable, reusable and start at $10.00. We also have mask filters available for sale, as well.

Although we don’t know what to expect in the near future, we can always be kind, show love to others and wear our masks. Join us at Hello Beautiful Boutique as we #maskup and know we are wearing a smile underneath!

Looking to buy a mask or other boutique items for your daily life? Hello Beautiful Boutique can help with that. We have some of the finest designed clothes and accessories you can find in Conroe. Shop online or in-store for Chic designs and authentic wear.

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