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When you think boutique you probably think chic, stylish and fancy. But what you may not know is that boutiques often have the best in “comfy.” In a world, where working moms are now working from home (and homeschooling), comfort has never been such a necessity. 

What do you think is your perfect, go-to “comfy” outfit? Lounge pants and a soft tee, or sweatshirt and lounge shorts? Maybe just an oversized shirt and fuzzy socks is your style, when you are at home alone. No matter your individual style, soft and cozy is the number one requirement.

Change out of your pajamas

When the days turn to weeks and you are feeling the cabin fever set in, one thing to help fight the blues is to change out of your pajamas. “But these are my day-pajamas?” you might say. No such thing. Pajamas are for sleeping, or the occasional pajama party. 

There are lots of other super-comfy, non-pajama pieces of clothing that you can slip into.


A maxi dress gives you all the glam of a fancy dress with the comfort of your favorite t-shirt. 

If comfort is key but you still want to look pretty, try a lightweight ruffle dress. You will feel just like a fairy flitting around your house.

A cute baby-doll dress is sweet and quite breezy, which will help beat the heat.


Pull on a pair of those classic running shorts. Nothing is more comfy and you won;t have to worry about sweating or getting too hot when you have to run errands.

Leggings, for when you want to be comfy but look sporty or have the option of doing yoga at any time! Or jeggings, for when you want to look put together, but need to be comfy and don’t want to wear a belt.

Do you have any linen shorts? If not, you don;t know what you’re missing! With a drawstring or elastic waistband, linen shorts are comfortable and give you that classy, put-together summer look.

Woven wide-leg pants sometimes look like a skirt, so if you’re indecisive, and all about comfort, these are for you. 


Graphic tees, pocket tees, scoop neck, v-neck, button up, or tank top. So many options in the comfy top section. You do you, and wear what you love. But don’t feel like you have to stick with just one kind. We can have lots of favorites!

Lookin’ Good

You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort. With so many brands and styles you can rock the bohemian style or hippy chic one day, and sporty mom-on-the-go the next. There is lounge-wear for lazy days and flowy dresses for hot days. 

Keep your spirits up and dress how you want to feel! Beautiful, happy, and comfy!

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